The BreakFree team strongly believes that to solve one problem, creating a few more isn’t the right approach. We all, unknowingly have been doing the same for years.

Menstruation is natural and needs to be taken care of, naturally. In India around 48% rural women use sanitary pads while in urban areas the percentage is around 77%. Loaded with plastics and chemicals; they harm both, the female using it, and the environment as a trash.

BreakFree team provides a natural way to deal with periods. We bring to you the best of nature. Made of bamboo and corn fiber, the biodegradable sanitary pads keeps you and the environment away from chemicals and plastics.

BreakFree’s natural solution by the nature, for the nature.

Decomposes within 4-6 months
From the packaging box, to the bamboo and corn-based pads, and even the pad disposal envelopes, all are biodegradable.

Provide Natural Comfort and are Smell-Free
Referred to as the ‘breathing fiber’, the breath ability of bamboo fiber is the first of all kinds.

Bamboo fiber contains the bamboo bin which has sterilization properties, and kills bacteria.

Plant-based Water Proof Layer
Bamboo fiber is known to be super water absorbent, in fact 3 times more than cotton!

Naturally Rash Free & Anti-Allergic
Corn and bamboo are pure plant fibers, hence do not cause any allergy and are suitable for all skin types.

No Bleach, Perfume, Toxins, Plastic
As bamboo fiber contains lots of antioxidants, it can effectively remove radicals in the body.