Menstruation has been a taboo in the society for ages. So are the myths that are churned out from Menstruation. This inevitable phenomenon exclusive for women bodies are seen as something impious and some ridiculous practices are there regarding that. They are many in numbers but today we are going to talk about 10 myths that are in practice even today. Myth1. Never go to the water if you are menstruating!

Fact 1: There was no documented case of a swimmer being attacked by sharks just because she was on her period! Well, frankly speaking, we don’t bleed that much during the period that the sea water will turn “crimson tide”. Actually if you want to get wet during your period days then you can go and feel free to swim as you wish. Put your tampons at place and enjoy your day.

Myth 2. You should not wash your hair while on period.

Fact 2: There is no medical basis of this. May be the myth developed because washing yourself you clean your body while a menstruating woman is “not expected to be clean”!In fact, while on period, the scalp tends to get oilier, thus a hair wash of Luke-warm water could be so refreshing!

Myth 3: You will not get pregnant if you have sex during your period.

Fact 3: This is very unfortunate of people who believe that they cannot get pregnant if they have sex during pregnancy. Once inside, a sperm can survive up to 3-5 days and the ovulation occurs just after the cycle. So, there is pretty much chance to get pregnant.

Myth 4: You should get as much rest as possible during your periods.

Fact 4: It is said that exercise releases endorphins which are the natural pain-relievers of our body. So, it is better to do some warm-up sessions that will work on your favor if you are experiencing menstrual cramps. Of course, there are many other way out to settle down your bad cramps if you are not ready to “move” on those days!

Myth 5: Using a tampon will cause your hymen to tear, hence causing you to “lose your virginity”.

Fact 5: this is the scariest one as society marks it as a “crime” that if you have a tampered vagina before you are married indicates that you went physical with some other male member out there! A “vagina” is a ring shaped tissue with a hole in the middle just inside the vaginal opening. Normally it is unaffected if you insert the tampon gently and correctly. This may vary from person to person. Although wearing a tampon should definitely not be causing any pain or discomfort.

Myth 6: PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) is all in your head.

Fact 6: The fact is PMS is a clod hard fact and it is not just the fantasy of women. Women do suffer the worst that people, say some less-informed men think can hardly imagine. Science backs up that due to the increased level of hormones, women are prone to mood swings, aches, cramps and cravings those days.

Myth 7: You can’t drink cold beverage because they’ll give you cramps or a heavier flow.

Fact 7: Warm beverages are going to give you some relief if you are experiencing cramps. However, cold beverages will not aggravate the heaviness of period flow.

Myth 8: You can use tampons for vaginal discharge.

Fact 8: You may develop Toxic Shock Syndrome, a life-threatening infection as you are not producing nearly enough fluid to justify the use of tampon when you are not on your period.

Myth 9: Period blood is Dirty Blood.

Fact 9: Period blood contains some uterine tissue and cells from the mucus lining of vagina and a small amount of bacteria. It contains less blood cells than ordinary blood.

Myth 10: You lose a lot of blood during your period.

Fact 10: You lose only 2-3 table spoons of blood during periods!