Biodegradable Sanitary Pads

Deal with your periods, Naturally & Comfortably

Corn and Bamboo combo pack

4 XL day and 3 XXL night pack and disposal envelopes : Rs. 130

For the monthly recurring body changes, women in India need pads that makes
them comfortable, are absorbent and cut down on the fear of stains and gives
them the confidence of using what is right and natural. BreakFree’s
biodegradable sanitary pads made of corn fibre and bamboo are naturally soft,
chemical and plastic free, giving women the assurity of using what is safe for
them and the environment.

Corn Fiber & Bamboo

Our pads include these ancient ingredients for a safer period.

Let’s together

‘BreakFree’ our environment

from the chemical and plastic pollution.

From our pad boxes to every layer in the pad, from our pad covers to disposal envelopes, every piece is biodegradable. We care for you and mother nature, both.

Chemical Free. Plastic Free.

For you and the environment, both

7 Natural Layers of Protection

Woven Bamboo & Corn Fiber

Wood Pulp Paper

SAP Sheet of Wood

Non-woven Fiber from Softwood

Biodegradable Film

Composable Release Paper

Biodegradable Wrapper

Periods are normal and in fact good to have.
If good, let’s treat it better!

BreakFree and join the ‘Safe Period’ revolution!

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